Basic products for the care of your dogs

Do you already have the basic products for the care of your dogs prepared at home? In Savecan, your online puppy sales store , we will tell you about everything you should buy when buying or adopting a dog. These utensils and accessories guarantee the health, hygiene, safety and comfort of your new pet.

Home economics with a pet

Caring for and sharing space with a dog brings enormous benefits to the psychological, physical and emotional health of the members of a family nucleus. The arrival of a dog reduces stress, increases physical activity and fills the house with fun. But pets also need basic care and maintenance to be comfortable and healthy.

The family budget should have a section that covers the accessories and products necessary for dogs. These include your diet, health, and entertainment. Pets represent an economic responsibility, this must be considered before buying or adopting so as not to resort to abandonment due to not being able to cover their basic expenses. Dogs are members of the family with all their rights and benefits.

In Spain the animal market generates millions of euros every year. Toys, dry food, clothing, medicines, harnesses, care centers and more are required by these cuddly companions. According to specialists on the subject, the increase in sales and demand for dog care products is due to the change in vision about pets. Now more than guardians they are part of a home.

To give a better welcome to this new member of the family, know some basic products for the care of your dogs.

8 basic products for the care of your dogs

Avoid forgetting and last minute expenses with this list of 8 essential products for your dog.

1. Feeders and drinkers
Containers for food and drink fall into a single category for their food and are a basic product for the care of your dogs. In these containers the dry food or feed and its water will go. There are numerous models of dining rooms for your pet, some are better adapted to some breeds than others.

To choose the best feeders and drinkers, consider the following.

2. Personal care kit
The coat of dogs is their main means of protection against bad weather and cold. This should be healthy and shiny, so it is necessary that you have a kit with products for dog hair care. This includes a natural shampoo , a brush with soft or hard bristles and a small scissors to cut the excess. The latter is applied for large volume breeds.

3. identification collar and microchip
's identification systems are an indispensable product for dogs, especially puppies or during a trip. These facilitate your search in case of loss. The two basic ones are the microchip and the traditional identification collars with the name and address of the animal.

Among the frequently asked questions about puppies in our online store is what microchips are for. These are a tracking device that is inserted into the dog under the skin, in Spain it is stored in a national registry that allows the dog to be located at any time.

4. Harness and leash
Safety is essential when walking the dog, it should never go without its leash or harness. These mechanisms prevent it from getting lost or attacking another animal instinctively. It also protects them from accidents and theft. Use a long extension or stretchable rope to give your pet more freedom to move around. Make sure you don't push or pull too hard on the animal or it could be injured and become violent.

5. First aid kit
Even if your vet lives 100 meters from your home, it never hurts to have a first aid kit at home for your pet. Have bandages, cotton, saline solution, antiseptic solution, nail clippers, thermometer, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic products on hand.

We recommend including a medication to stop diarrhea (prior consultation with the veterinarian) and a dewormer.

6. Chew toy
Puppies are in a stage of experimentation and development of their teeth, so it is normal for them to nibble. One of the best methods to correct a biting puppy is by giving him a soft, conspicuous toy to soothe his gums. This also works for adult dogs as it entertains and amuses them.

The positive point with toys is that you do not have to invest thousands of euros to acquire them, you can make them at home! A plastic bottle, a sock and a string are enough to create fun products.

7. Cage for dogs
Cages for dogs are necessary to mobilize your pet for his check-ups at the vet, to go on a trip or to protect him from cleaning the house. The space must be comfortable for the dog, it must be able to stand, turn and lie down without problems. There are some that even function as a home.

It is not advisable to buy cages for puppies, remember that they grow very fast! Check with your vet about the average crate size for your dog as an adult.

8. A small bed
Dogs need a corner of the house for them, this space must be set up with their toys and a small bed. You can buy these in different sizes, remember, always thinking of an adult dog. Put small pillows in the shape of a bone or his favorite toy.

If you know a little sewing, you can make an original and creative bed for your dog yourself.

Tips for purchasing dog care products

What other basic dog care products would you include on the list? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to check out other posts on our blog and learn more about how to take care of your puppy.